Traffic Impact Assessment Residential and Commercial Morcellement at Cap Tamarin

Public Body/Client: R. Jhuboo & Cie
Project Value: MUR 300 Million
Year: 2013
Location: Cap Tamarin


Main Project Features:


The real estate land development project will comprised of:

  • The earmarked site is located within the settlement boundaries of Tamarin, at a close distance for the Tamarin Golf Course
  • 70No plots earmarked for residential purposes, on a total land area of 65Ha
  • The areas allocated to the infrastructure works i.e the entrance, road network, inclusive of road reserves, turning bays, parking area etc. aggregating to approximately to 19Ha, i.e 28.8% of the site
  • The project included a major realignment of the existing Black River Road A3 to minimize the impact of the new development on the existing road network


Traffic Impact Study focused mainly with the following parameters:

  • Traffic count at specific locations in order to concert the traffic analysis with the realignment proposal
  • Within the TIA, addressing issues pertaining to all modes of traffic and categories of vehicles(cars, trucks, buses) and NMT (pedestrian)
  • Consideration of re-alignment to cover the stretch of the A3 road from Francprix roundabout to the Tamarin steel lounge
  • Preliminary design of the access to the roundabout through the re-aligned stretch from the Franprix roundabout over 800 metres east to another future roundabout and link the Tamarin Bridge in front of Paul & Virginie primary school
  • Review of the 2003 design concept which included a roundabout – to identify any infrastructure improvements or mitigating measures to ensure the newly designed road network will operate acceptably with a good LOS
  • The preliminary design included
    • A major two-lane roundabout traffic circle/junction
    • A left turning movement T-junction
    • Well-guided /raised footpath to improve NMT(pedestrian) routes (and increased safety)
  • Carrying out two-way traffic counts(both manually and with automatic counter) at pre-determined stations for a period of 24 hours over a 4 day period , by class of vehicles(categories)
  • Recording of average speed along A3 road in the vicinity of Francprix
  • Simulation/forecasting of traffic flow/growth over the design horizon
  • Calibration of the SIDRA intersection capacity model for the traffic analysis
  • Preliminary design of the types of roundabout to be proposed, namely its diameter, geometry, number of entry and exit lanes, lane width etc.
  • Traffic analysis parameters and results for each proposed junction considered are:
    • Lane flows
    • Lane summary
    • Average delay
    • Level of Service
    • Queue distance
    • Movement summary
    • Intersection summary
    • Traffic Analysis data and approval (vehicle classification, speed, VOC’s, gaps, estimated growth metres)
  • The study of the Francprix roundabout and the TIA study resulted in findings and recommendation which revealed that the manoeuvring at the existing roundabout seemed uncomfortable, giving rise to low traffic speed in the ring, implying a relatively poor LOS of the existing roundabout at peak hours traffic flow