Solar Farm of 10Mw each at Gitega and Bubanza – Burundi

Period: November 2014 – March 2015
Location: Gitega and Bubanza, Burundi


Main Project Features:


The project consists of the construction and operation of a 10mW photo-voltaic solar farm on a plot of land of an extent of about 30Acres within Bubanza and similarly within Gitega. The project involves the setting up of about 40,050 and 40,032 modules of photo-voltaic panels at Bubanza and Gitega respectively which will capture solar energy and convey such energy to the convertor station in order to produce electricity. The panels will have a maximum production capacity of 10mW at each farm.


The following points were addressed in the EIA report:

  • Legal, Administrative and Juridical Framework
  • Technical Characteristics of the farm
  • Public Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Characteristics of each site
  • Predicted Impacts on the Environment
  • Predicted Social Impacts
  • Mitigation of Environmental Impacts
  • Mitigation of social impacts
  • Measures of Compensation to Affected Groups
  • Terrestrial biodiversity of site and impacts due to the project
  • Physical (Built) Environment
  • Environmental and Social Monitoring Plans
  • Buildings – Visual Impacts of the photo-voltaic solar farm
  • Occupational Health & Safety of the farm
  • Natural Resources on site
  • Positive effect on global Warming