Infrastructure Works to Residential and Commercial Morcellement Development at Balaclava

Client: Royal Park Balaclava Ltd
Period: 2009 to 2013


Cost Estimate of Works: Rs 500 Million
Consultancy Package: Rs 8 Million, subject to adjustments as a function of final out-turn cost of the project


Project Management Services
  • Project Management services by SRC involved liaison with and reporting to Client and Client’s representative, production of Inception Report, Feasibility Report, Preliminary and Final Design Reports, Supervision of construction, Progress Reports, Financial Statements and finally Project Completion Report
  • The morcellement extent was about 220 Arpents involving about 407 plots, including plots reserved commercial developments, green spaces, boat house, and Theme Park of 20 Arpents
  • 22,000 m2 of roads complete with side pavements, road side drain, road kerbs, cycle track
  • 8.0 km of drains
  • 2.5 km of 160mm diameter DI off-site water main
  • 10km of reticulation network ranging from 63mm to 160mm HDPE and installation of about 400 individual metered house connections
  • 10 km of HT and LV electrical cables, complete with service pillars, street lighting, transformer and Ring Main Units
  • 10km of telecommunication ducts including manholes


Liaison with Authorities

Within the ambit of the project management services, responsible for application to Morcellement Unit of MHL, and liaison with all relevant Authorities.


Environmental Impact Assessment

SRC carried out the EIA study addressing all the environmental parameters associated with the project, discussions with all project stakeholders, submission of draft EIA report to Client for vetting, submission of EIA report to DoE in 18 copies + CD, managing the inter-ministerial site visit, addressing all the required additional information requested by the various Authorities, and finally obtention of the EIA Licence.


Environmental Monitoring Plan

The EMP was duly prepared by SRC, reflecting attendance to, and action on, the conditions of the EIA Licence. The EMP was duly submitted by SRC to the DoE for approval.
The Environmental Monitoring by SRC is on-going since the project is now at the construction stage.