Infrastructural Works to Morcellement Ebene-Bega – Contract MTMD/SRC 0903

Project Value: MUR 984 Million
Period: September 2004 to May 2007


Project management services involved liaison and reporting to Client (MTMD) and Client’s Representative, production of contract progress reports and project completion report, liaison with authorities for submission of design drawings and approval thereof, discussions with authorities for issue of clearances and handing over.


Project components involved:

  • Construction of 25km of roads 7m and 6m wide and provision of drains, 4No. Roundabouts, 3No. major junctions, 2No. Underpasses, complete with road lighting and road furniture, and 5 pairs of bus lay-bys
  • Sewerage Infrastructure involving the supply and laying of approximately 23km of gravity and pressure pipes of diameter ranging from 150mm to 250mm, construction, commissioning and maintenance of 2No. Lifting station and other ancillary works
  • Water supply reticulation network involving the supply and laying of approximately 3.5km of pies diameter ranging from 200mm to 250mm in ductile iron and 19km of pipes ranging from 63 to 160mm in diameter in HDPE
  • Civil Works for underground Electricity and Telecommunication services
  • Landscaping works
  • Provision of footpaths along side of the 7m wide and 6m wide roads;
  • Provision of a cycle track along one side of the 7m wide over an approximate length of 5km
  • Shifting of existing services such as water, telecom, overhead CEB poles and irrigation canals