Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Chlorine Depot and Associated works at La Nicoliere Reservoir (CWA C2013-85)

Client: Central water Authority
Project Value: MUR 150 Milliona
Year: 2014


An Environmental Impact assessment was carried out for the construction of chlorine depot project which comprised of the construction of chlorine tonner and cylinder storage buildings, with associated back-up buildings such as workshops, office block, store, mess room etc.


The following works were carried out for the purpose of this project:-

  1. Zone A- Back-up and Administrative Building
  2. Zone B- Chlorine Depot
    • Chlorine tonner storage building of 869 m2 that will store about 150 tonners
    • Chlorine cylinder storage building of 167 m2 that will store 170-275No. Cylinders
    • Overhead travelling crane, complete with supporting I-beams, crane gantry, hoisting tackle, etc.
    • Neutralizer/Scrubber complete with tower, pumps, cooling system, etc.
    • Underfloor – gas leak suction pipework, including longitudinal pipes, lateral pipes, manholes, suction pump, etc.
  3. On-Site Infrastructure
    • Water Supply network
    • Sewerage network
    • Site peripheral block wall
    • Site drainage network
    • Electricity network
    • Telecommunication network
    • Adequate landscaping and green spaces for leisure and the much-desired community building livelihood
    • Adequate street lighting for comfort and security
    • Appropriate road marking and road signage to ensure safe and hazard-free vehicular circulation