Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment for the Flic-En-Flac Link Road

Public Body/Client: Road Development Authority
Project Value: MUR 2.0 Billion
Year: November 2014 – April 2015
Location: Flic-en-Flac


Main Project Features:
  • Provide a second access option for the Flic en Flac Village and Wolmar area
  • Increase the access capacity for the Flic en Flac/Wolmar area as well as providing better access to the commercial development in the region
  • Provide improved connectivity between the Plaines Wilhems region and the western part of Mauritius
  • Reduce traffic congestion on the existing road network, especially around the Cascavelle Shopping Village and within the Flic-En-Flac Village
  • Reduce vehicle operating costs, travel times costs, between the central and western part of the island, and road maintenance
  • Reduce driving stress of vehicle drivers with the view of reducing traffic accidents and enhance road safety


The EIA and SIA involved the following:

  • Study of the predicted environmental impacts of the proposed road along its corridor and proposed mitigation measures to mitigate those impacts
  • Consultations with public sector stakeholders
  • Consultations with the affected groups
  • Consultations with the target groups
  • Assessment of the human environment such as the residents of the villagers impacted by the link road
  • Assessment of socio-economic parameters associated with the project
  • Assessment of aesthetic, historical, religious, and cultural aspects of the project area
  • Address the socio-economic aspects such as employment scenarios
  • Design and prepare social survey questionnaires
  • Conduct the social surveys within the affected communities
  • Prepare the Social Need Analysis (SNA) matrix
  • Compute Social Development Plans’ (SDP) and associated cost estimates
  • Prepare the SIA, complete with the observations, findings and also the social and socio-economic data collected and/or compiled